Car Run

Over 4 Million download! πŸš” 🚍 🚘 πŸš–Fast action packed game which tests your highway ...

Over 4 Million download! πŸš” 🚍 🚘 πŸš–

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Fast action packed game which tests your highway driving skills against police, desperate to outrun and bust you in a wild chase.


  • Play as law breaker and escape from the chasing police as long as you can in this endless car racing game.
  • Honk your way out of highway traffic.
  • Thrilling race with hi speed police chase.
  • Outrun police by tilting your device and use acceleration & horn.
  • Drift through curved roads.
  • Dodge the cars, buses and trucks.
  • Collect fuel coins to keep moving.
  • Unlock new speedy cars and maps.
  • Cool new graphics style.
  • Road types – forests, hills, curves, snow and desert.
  • Suitable for all; girls, kids, boys and adults alike.
  • Free for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Drive the longest distance without getting caught and compete with your friends online.
  • Test your reflexes and driving skills.
  • Additionally, play as a cop and chase down criminals.

So hit the gas paddle and get ready for a new 2017 free car race down the busy highway & police chase in this new best cop chase game.

Become the bank Robber and hit the street as the bad guy.

Facebook: facebook.com/sugarmegameadu

Web: www.gameadu.com


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